One plank or two? |

One plank or two?

Dear Editor:

I found Charles Agar’s article not only funny but ridiculous “Jane Goodall among the snowboarders,” Dec. 18). The whole Jane Goodall analogy made me laugh, being a snowboarder, because I realized that until Charles can even prove he can stand up on a snowboard he still won’t have any idea what he’s talking about. Maybe I’ll even give him a free snowboard for Christmas just so I can write another letter to the editor about how funny it was to see him try and ride it.

Thanks for the laughs, Charles. You were right, though, when you said in another article that we all need to go out and enjoy the powder a little more.

In closing I’d just like to say happy holidays to Charles and everybody else, and I hope you enjoy the snow, whether you’re on two planks or one.

JD Redmond


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