One moronic jump |

One moronic jump

Dear Editor:

I have read your paper for the 38 years I have lived in Aspen. I have watched it grow into an award-winning newspaper (deservedly so, in my opinion), and then watched in dismay its deterioration. Under your editorship, it has become sensationalistic, biased and nonfactual.

The most recent and worst part of this deterioration was the staff photograph in the Sunday, March 8, edition where in you show a young (I assume) man jumping off the deck of Jimmy’s into the courtyard of Mill Street Plaza. This is one of the most moronic things I have seen in my life. Exactly what message are you trying to send? Please be advised that, God forbid, if this is repeated and someone is injured, I will send the lawyers who are sure to flock to your and your bosses’ doorstep.

I am further going to ask the police chief to investigate and prosecute, if appropriate, your staffers who partook in this, and the fool who executed the jump.

Anthony J. Mazza



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