One more scam |

One more scam

Dear Editor:

One thing we can be sure of, whatever comes out of the Lift 1A Convenience and Welfare of Profiteers process will be every bit as vibrant and lively as that Obermeyer prison complex across town; the biggest scam yet foisted off on the town (so far, anyway). If that place is a guide, there will be two huge hotels with a dark canyon in between, and another street vacated for the benefit of developers without the legally required public vote.

Not to be outdone, the county commissioners are joining the abuse of office; for the welfare of the public of course. The commissioners and certain county staff were highly aggrieved and outraged when the courts told them they were expected to obey the same ordinances they enforce on the ignorant rabble voters. In response, they have come up with a sleazy scheme to make themselves exempt from having to submit to the indignity of having to listen to citizens who feel they have a right to have their voices heard. Whenever they want to act against the wishes of the people, they will be able to simply ignore the county code.

They obviously have figured out that although they can spend years presiding over the destruction of the valley and our quality of life, all they have to do is proclaim themselves environmentalist just before the election, and the voters, who can’t remember what happened yesterday, let alone last week, will vote them right back into office.

Richard Gordon