One more boost for fluoride |

One more boost for fluoride

Dear Editor:

As we are all suffering fluoride fatigue, I intended no more letters but must respond to the personal attack from the antifluoridationist (Letter to the Editor, July 22) from a country whose name has become synonymous with diseased teeth.

Even in Mexico, bad teeth are called “los dientes ingles.” The writer attempts to confuse by conflating the World Health Organization maximum fluoride concentration of 1.5 mg/liter with total intake. The U.S. maximum for fluoridation is 1.2 mg/liter, and Aspen’s is even less at 1.0 mg/liter. Thyroid function is not a problem in areas in the United States naturally fluoridated with 8-12 mg/liter.

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has not issued a statement on fluoride intake for those with kidney disease. The site the writer references is a report of an attack on the NKF by an antifluoridationist.

Extra Vitamin D or calcium, beyond the standard recommendations, will not improve teeth, but nutritional fluoride imparts such a dramatic benefit that it was certified an essential nutrient in 1968, although mention was also made of increased bone density and reduced calcific artherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). But then no Aspen adult would want that, would they?

What kind of person would regard “it only helps children,” even if it were true, as a winning slogan against one of the United States’ most cost-effective public health measures? Some antifluoridationists have let their otherwise perhaps admirable libertarianism turn their hatred of “the government” into a hatred of fluoride. The hard-core true-believers have mitigated the emotional discomfort caused by their inchoate paranoid fears and anxieties by fixating them upon fluoride.

One could argue, better fluoride than other objects of fixation: black males, Chinese “yellow peril” and Jewish international bankers. While anti-fluorides have been misinforming each other and the public, they have ignored what is, by far, the most increased form of pollution since World War II: artificial microradiation. Check it out, as it is worthy of your concerns and a subject you can really get your teeth into.

William Glenn, M.D.

Snowmass Village

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