One library for Basalt

(This letter was originally sent to the Basalt Town Trustees.)

I believe one central library for the mid-valley is vital to the health of our community and our children’s experience of that community. This central library facility will be where people of all ages can come together to share knowledge, a love of learning and a sense of connectedness. Using our library as a focal point says a great deal about our community and speaks to our children about what we believe is important.

The idea of two libraries is the board’s attempt to try to give something to everyone. I believe this dilutes the power of our library to be the heart of our community. Though the financial costs of two libraries vs. one may not appear outrageous, we must ask ourselves if spending the extra funds is going to guarantee that the library proposal passes. I believe a more responsible use of our monies is to put all our support behind one library that can afford to serve the diverse needs of our region well into the future.

Pitkin County Library is a great example of one library that is strongly funded and serves a community from Aspen to Snowmass and beyond. Two libraries will divide a community that is already sprawling. How the Town Trustees decide to present and price the Levinson Property to the Library Board is critical to making the library what this community has asked for again and again. Please let the voters of the mid-valley know that you are listening.

Lynn Nichols



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