One last note |

One last note

We will keep this even shorter as we?re sure that people are tired of reading about it.

The damage to some families? enjoyment of skiing is done.

We appreciate the verbal support we received from some Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol and other ski professionals. It was never expected that everyone would agree with us, however we still believe, as they do, it should have been the adults? choice to make.

Banning kids in packs while skiing is not comparable to car seat or helmet use. Safety seats and kid lids were designed to make an existing activity safer, not to stop the activity altogether.

What is your first impulse when your child, on the ground, is in harm?s way? You PICK THEM UP. Much like placing a child in a pack on the back (or front) of a conscientious adult, who can try to assess and avoid a collision with the dreaded out-of-control skier.

We will, along with other families, continue to search for other options, even if it means traveling long distances to other ski areas. It will be difficult.

As stated by Michael Berry, President of the National Ski Areas Association: ?For better or worse, the trend has been to not allow children in packs. This trend began over 20 years ago and, given the litigious nature of our country, I expect this trend to continue.?

As disturbing as the trend toward litigation paranoia is the save-us-from-ourselves mentality that some people seem hell-bent on imposing on others.

We hope you?re happy with your role as Concerned Mother backing up Big Brother. If your goal is to protect our community from a tragedy, then you have your work cut out for you.

We live in a beautiful, adrenaline and risk-filled valley. Some of us still know why.

Thankfully the Skico can?t yet stop families from biking, blading or crossing the street together. Those can be dangerous activities when left in the hands of parents you don?t deem capable of raising their own children.

Jay and Danielle Hammond

Glenwood Springs

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