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One great trail

Dear Editor:I want to thank RFTA for their perseverance and commitment in moving toward the completion of the Rio Grande Trail.I know I am just one of many trail users in the valley who dreams of the day we have a continuous trail from Aspen all the way down to Glenwood. It hasn’t been an easy process for RFTA, trying to walk a fine line of honoring their mandate from the voters to complete the trail by 2010 while remaining sensitive to the adjacent landowners who may not be all that enthusiastic about having a trail going right by their back yards. This type of amenity is one of the reasons many of us have chosen to live here and raise our families.I can’t wait for the day our family can pedal all the way from Aspen to Glenwood on a safe paved bike path with no worries about cars or trucks. Thank you, RFTA!Bruce GabowBasalt