One for Woofer |

One for Woofer

Joel Stonington

On the opening day of Aspen Highlands this year, Woofer M. Roush tore his ACL on a little kicker that appeared on the front of The Aspen Times. Neither the jump nor the picture were worthy of a lost season of this magnitude. Woofer went on to do lame things like get surgery and start graduate school while poor little Joel stayed in Aspen. There was some shaking of fists at the sky, but really this was fate.Late last night while I was asleep, however, I heard a banging at the window and a muffled voice. I couldn’t make out what the hell was being said or what was happening. There was at least a minute of half-dreaming when I couldn’t understand where I was or who was trying to break into the house. Then I realized Woofer was back. Woofer is a good surpriser. And foolish me, I thought that the real surprise might be that he could get back in the saddle, strap on a pair of skis and take a run. There was actually just enough time for one more day at Highlands.Though it did occur to me that Deep Temerity might be Deep Irony if he tore his ACL on opening day and closing day of the same season. But alas, he is doing the smart thing and refusing to ski.So today I hiked to the top of Highland Bowl. And, much as gangsters used to pour a sip of pure malted beverage into the soil of the Earth for their fallen comrades, I went to the bowl and hailed the spirit of a lost season. That’s right, I hiked and skied one for the Woofer. And while up there, I howled into the windy wilds. Then I rocked the steep top part of the bowl in that nice spring snow with some sweet jump turns. And as I busted down through the bowl runout I thought that this one, this one is for my homey.Of course, he still gave me a charley horse when I got home because I couldn’t help gushing when he asked if it was good.Yeah, I said with a goofy-ass grin, yeah it was pretty good.

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