One for the circular file |

One for the circular file

Here’s one for the circular file.

A gentleman speaking with a thick English accent and identifying himself as a reporter for “a British press agency” in New York City called The Aspen Times Monday to inquire into the whereabouts of Michael Jackson.

He had apparently heard a rumor that the self-proclaimed King of Pop and recently named criminal defendant was in Aspen for Presidents Day week, one of the busiest times for family visits.

Once assured that he had the “news editor” on the line, our British colleague proceeded with his probe into Jackson’s alleged visit. And he didn’t take “I don’t know” or any of its derivatives for an answer. Even when told, “If all we did was chase people like Michael Jackson who come here, we wouldn’t be able to report the news,” he followed up with “Where’s he staying?”

All we really did was confirm that we’d heard the rumor, too.

What we didn’t tell him ” but we’re going to let you in on it, oh loyal readers ” is that rumor had it that Jon Bon Jovi and family and everybody’s “St. Elmo’s Fire” favorite, Rob Lowe (we’re dating ourselves ” he was more recently the cute guy on “West Wing”), were in town as well.

And in Aspen, that’s nothing to get your knickers in a bunch about.


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