One fewer candidate in Carbondale |

One fewer candidate in Carbondale

Dear Editor:

To the voters of Carbondale, this letter is to inform you of my withdrawal from the Carbondale Trustee race. I believe that with the issues facing us today, we don’t have the time to have the big box debate again, so I would like to throw my support to those candidates who are committed to moving forward on employee housing, transportation, and believe strongly in keeping the small town character of Carbondale. Brent Moss would round out a council that has been dominated in the past by construction interests. Pam Zentmyer, based on her experience at CMC, would be great in strengthening cultural and generational bridges. John Hoffmann, because his commitment to the outdoors is unparalleled amongst the candidates. Finally, with years of service to the town on various boards and committees, Frosty Merriott is ready to step up to the next level.

Thank you to all my supporters and the citizens of Carbondale for your encouragement.

Sean Keery



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