One dollar will go a long way |

One dollar will go a long way

Dear Editor:

Vail has one, Avon has one, Gypsum has one, Aspen has one and Glenwood has one. It is time for the midvalley-Basalt to have one.

At the beautiful Crown Mountain Recreation Park we can have a state-of-the-art indoor recreation facility with amenities that are not available at any of the other recreation centers.

By voting for 4A we can get started on the soft cost so we can see exactly what it will cost, look like and have for facilities.

What will it cost the voters? Less than a cheap T-shirt, or work-out shorts. Less than a “Happy Meal” for your family at McDonald’s.

For a one-time, and only one time, $14.50 per half a million accessed value, we can get started on a very unique opportunity. We can have the property for $1. Where else can we acquire any property in this valley for $1?

Vote for 4A.

Ted Bristol


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