One commish for another

Dear Editor:Arn Menconi, Eagle County commissioner, is a remarkable elected official working far beyond the call of duty.If you’ve watched him, you know he has a clear vision that Eagle County can be strong economically without sprawling its way to a Denver suburb. He understands the complex inter-relationships among our communities, their economies and the environment. Unfortunately, his fellow commissioners don’t share this understanding.He could do like most elected officials in that position: Vote right, get beat, and sit back and know he did the right thing. Instead, he has spent vast amounts of personal time, away from his family and his profession, developing and carrying out an extensive countywide effort to help locals understand these complex issue. He’s devoted years to creating workshops and meetings that offer innovative thinking and 21st century solutions.I was once a county commissioner and I’ve worked with small-town officials in 40 states. I’ve never come across one who is willing to put more of themselves into the job. We can’t afford to lose this guy.I live nearby, but in the next county, so I can’t vote to re-elect Arn. I hope you will.Michael KinsleyOld Snowmass


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