One American’s dream " starting over |

One American’s dream " starting over

Dear Editor:

The American dream, a wonderful idea. Sadly since every Tom, Dick and Harry bigwig company either wants a bailout, is going out of business or laying off employees, the American dream has started to become a forgotten memory.

It seems the dream this country once had, is being filled up with Botox and plastic surgery. It still looks great, but day by day is falling apart. It seems the dream can no longer afford any more Botox, and slowly getting real ugly.

The American dream is not in these big companies anymore, they have lost themselves and are now asking for their mommy. It is time for the real dreamers of this country ” our locals, our neighbors, our citizens ” to start dreaming again and making this country over. We look to Obama and ask, “what does he think, what will he do,” like he is some guru on the top of a mountain. He does not hold the dream of this country, he can only please a few groups and maybe be here for the better. The auto companies might be part of the American spirit, but no longer and have passed there time. The banks might have helped our country in many tough times, but they too are passing their time. Rebuilding and restoring is good, but only if you know the project is worth it. Sometimes it is better to simply start something new, and start something over. That is how the American dream can be achieved, but not by Botox, not by surgery, and not by a bailout.

And just to say the American dream, it is a great dream. But this is reality, and American reality is a fat, greased-up kid watching teenage drama and bitching about not having the latest fad, while the parents are drinking martinis and worrying what dollar amount to wipe their a– with. I have my American dream, and it begins with starting over.

Chris Everding


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