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On war and peace

On being a war criminal: The pope has determined that bombing Iraq would be starting a war without moral or legal justification. The United Nations Charter prohibits nations from engaging in pre-emptive strikes.On world opinion:Rep. Scott McInnis was recently quoted as saying that the millions of peace demonstrators in Europe were irrelevant and of no significance because protesting to Europeans was like going to a football game. The significance of the millions of world peace demonstrators is that they are not willing to appease President George W. Bush’s drive to establish geopolitical hegemony in the Middle East. Those who say not bombing Iraq would be appeasing Saddam Hussein draw a false analogy to appeasing Hitler. Iraq has not gone to war or threatened to go to war in 12 years. A growing chorus of people in the world now view President Bush as a bigger threat to world peace than Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. On patriotism: Some say with venom and hate that it is disloyal and treasonous to oppose war after our government has made a decision to bomb. Patriots are loyal to their country and the welfare of its citizens, not to leaders who act out of greed and arrogance. If in the process of being patriotic we relegate the principles of the U.S. Constitution to mere platitudes, then we become the enemy of our own country. On weapons of mass destruction: There is no moral difference between biological and chemical weapons and the unleashing of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced weapons about to be rained upon the Iraqi people by the United States. On fear and anger: No one has ever made a wise decision when acting out of fear and anger. Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell barrage the American citizenry daily with statements designed to keep the public fearful. Fearmongering is a good way to sell insurance but an immoral way to stay in power. There is no other purpose for the ridiculous recommendation to purchase duct tape and plastic sheeting than to engender fear.On hypocrisy: Anti-war protesters are labeled as being hypocritical because they must drive cars that use oil. There is no greater hypocrisy than to bomb a country for possessing anthrax that we gave to them.On personal attacks: Verbal vicious attacks on people like Sue Gray is a lazy person’s attempt to make an argument. Singling out one person ignores the fact that the last peace march in Glenwood Springs was attended by nurses and doctors from Valley View Hospital, administrators, board members, teachers and students from Colorado Mountain College, Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Bridges High School, and the RE-1 School District, elected officials from Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Basalt, architects, mental health workers, housewives, construction workers, lawyers, artists and merchants. In other words, respected members of the Roaring Fork community. I challenge the critics of anti-war organizers to accuse their elected officials, their doctors and nurses and the educators of their children of being traitors and to tell them to leave the country. On peace demonstrations: In the history of the world, tragedies occurred not for the lack of arms, finances or good intentions. The tragedies occurred because good people chose to remain silent. Come to the peace demonstration in Glenwood Springs on Saturday, March 15. People are urged to start gathering in Sayre Park on Grand Avenue at 11 a.m. to assemble origami peace cranes. There will be speeches and music starting at 12 p.m. We will march to Rep. Scott McInnis’ office at 1 p.m. to show him what attending a football game looks like in his district.On the power of symbols: Symbols have the ability to encapsulate in one image the thoughts, feelings and passion of a cause and a person. We urge people to make origami peace cranes to deliver to Rep. McInnis. Instructions to make the cranes can be found on the Internet vehicle Google, by searching for “origami crane.”Cavin LeeRoaring Fork Peace Coalition

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