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On visitors and throwaways

Dear Editor:This has been a banner year for a lot of dreams come true. Remember the visitor center vote when city of Aspen voters smartly turned down the city’s proposal to put the visitor center on Galena and Main?Well, this coming Tuesday (Oct. 24) at 4:30 p.m., the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission is going to hold a public hearing on the proposed Civic Center Master Plan, which recommends many things – one of those being relocation of the visitor center to upstairs in the library park plaza’s adjacent, former youth center, currently known as the Rio Grande meeting room.This spot is one of the most beautiful locations in Aspen. It has 360 degree views, is conveniently located above the parking garage, has spectacular views of Aspen Mountain, is on the Galena Street Shuttle route and overlooks Rio Grande Park, which currently is all PARK.Please vote NO on 2C to build buildings in Rio Grande Park’s recycle center and NO on 2C to change the existing two-way in and two-way out to ONLY one way in, which is the same way out. Let’s keep our park looking like a park and the recycle center easy to get into and out of. Thank you. See you at today’s meeting in City Hall.Toni KronbergAspen

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