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On the wrong mountain

On Feb. 16 a 5-year-old girl was killed while skiing her second day on Aspen Highlands. If the girl hadn’t been skiing on Highlands, but on a mountain more suitable for her level, the accident might have been avoided.

The little girl died on Golden Barrel, a run located in the lower mid-section of Highlands. Since the girl was a beginner, she shouldn’t have been skiing on a mountain that was at a higher level than what she was ready for. The little girl should have been skiing on a more suitable mountain for her level such as Snowmass or Buttermilk.

Because she was skiing on a more advanced mountain, she, and particularly her parents, should have been aware of the danger. Highlands consists of 30 percent expert terrain, 17 percent most difficult terrain, 33 percent more difficult terrain, and only 20 percent easiest terrain.

Since the mountain has very limited beginner terrain, the little girl shouldn’t have been skiing there in the first place. So, if the little girl had been skiing on an easier mountain than Aspen Highlands the accident might have been avoided.

To avoid accidents in the future, people that are beginner skiers should not be skiing on an expert mountain such as Aspen Highlands, but instead should ski mountains with appropriate terrain for their level of skiing.

Matthew Cooper


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