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On the Trail: Noooo, not the Golden Leaf!!

I had trained, tapered and hydrated for the Golden Leaf Half-marathon. Then there was this minor problem of snow. More hard-coreness, I figured. Maybe this could actually be cool.Then there was this problem of cancellation. Damn, I thought. Damn! And my friends expressed similar outrage. “I skipped sake at dinner and got myself all in a tizzy that I wasn’t eating enough pasta,” said one buddy. “I passed on free drinks at Art After Hours last night because of this race, heads are gonna friggin’ roll,” said another friend. So we decided to go for a run. First that run was going to be on the racecourse. But we realized that might cause injury and/or severe coldness. So we ran, instead, down the Rio Grande Trail. It wasn’t quite as long as the Golden Leaf and it was all downhill, but we felt pretty tired afterward. Plus, we got to chat on the run and hang out together. Hard-core? Check. Then we topped it off with an awesome brunch of scrambled eggs, melon, French toast (with real maple syrup), orange juice and coffee. Sucker punch that put us all in a food coma? Check. Moral of the story: Canceled races can make for fun days. Joel Stonington’s e-mail address is jstonington@aspentimes.com

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