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On the Trail: Heading inside

Carolyn SackariasonAspen, CO Colorado

I’ve been spending too much time outdoors.Not that hiking up the Ute, the Hunter Creek Loop, Ajax, Sunnyside, etc. are bad things but my strength training has fallen by the wayside. And as a result, so has that pesky under arm flab that every woman I know struggles to rid themselves until the day they die.So to change it up, I’ve given up my early-morning hikes and replaced them with dawn sessions at the gym. They are supplemented, by the way, with long runs down the Rio Grande so my outdoor time is not all lost. However, it’s been nice the past couple of days to interchange those outdoor runs with some treadmill action while watching the Today Show. (A recent feature on Brad Pitt enticed me to run a couple extra miles.) My weight training schedule went off course when I switched health clubs. I used to work at the Aspen Athletic Club so working out there was seamless. And it has been my gym since I started working out regularly in 1999. I love that gym because it’s a gym. So I was a bit hesitant when I switched to the Aspen Club and Spa. I always thought I didn’t need the frills. Just give me the weights and I’m outta there. The change was prompted by a deep membership discount offered by The Aspen Times, one of the many benefits of working here. And because my energy and time are consumed by my journalistic duties, I reluctantly had to quit the Aspen Athletic Club part-time gig so the free membership was cut off. (I miss you guys, by the way.)It’s always hard to switch your work-out routines, let alone doing it in a new venue. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised this week as I have learned my way around the club. Everything is at my fingertips and I have been able to work my muscles ragged within an hour’s time. I haven’t been able to move since Tuesday. The under arms aren’t rock solid yet, but give it a couple of months and I’ll be ready to hit the outdoors again – just in time for the lovely off-season rain, sleet and snow.On second thought, the gym just might be the best bet until the lifts open.