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On the Trail: Bring on summer

I have no more excuses – it is time to get out the bike, break in the hiking boots and try on the swimsuit.I love summer sports, but as the ski season wound down this year I must admit I found myself dreading those first few warm-weather adventures: My butt is going to hurt after a just a few minutes in the saddle; my feet will scream following my first long day hike; my bathing suit … well, let’s not go there.So I found excuses not to break the winter routine: The snow is still too good not to ski; there are a lot of summer days ahead to go riding and hiking; it looks like it might sleet, and I don’t want to get caught in that.My kids tried to convince me otherwise. They’ve been all about riding their bikes and tooling around on their scooters since the snow first melted from our sidewalk; they won’t even wear shoes unless I force them. I wasn’t budging.But as I looked out my window at the Times last night, my attitude began to change. With snow and rain sputtering from the dark sky, my thoughts turned from sore feet and unsightly cellulite to why I love summer sports: The warm sun on my back as I’m grunting up Smuggler; the winding trails we always seem to discover on weekend camping trips; long afternoons spent canoeing down cold rivers (and cold beer afterward). So bring it on, Mother Nature. I have to believe I’m not the only local who’s done a 180 this week. The lifts are closed; the trails are open. Let’s get the summertime show started.

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