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On the Town: Doppelgängers

There is a certain dashing, tonsured gentleman who sports a ginger-colored goatee and soul patch, and carelessly gads about Aspen in casual clothes.I know because he’s my double.Ever since I moved to Aspen last year, strangers on the street and in local stores stop me and insist on calling me “Red.”I dismissed the first few, but it’s getting worse.I’ve never met my double, but apparently the similarity is uncanny, at least that’s what the shocked friends of Red say when they realize they’re talking to his human doppelgänger.And as far away as Glenwood Springs, people have approached me and asked about that wild weekend, their new sailboat or repairs on a car that I know nothing about, all because I look like this cat.Redheads do suffer from a certain amount of discrimination, I think. I don’t know how many times people have told me I look like Ronald McDonald, Carrot Top (before the steroids) or Ron Howard (with hair and now without), but apparently the similarity between Red and me is more than just the usual redhead recessive genes and lack of pigment.My double and I also have the same kind of ski helmet, a coincidence that earned me a full-on hug from a beautiful woman at the bottom of Aspen Mountain one day before she could realize her mistake.And the confusion has reached its peak during these recent summer concerts.But I noticed something new while wandering vast crowds of locals.Having been in Aspen for nearly a year – just 49 more years to become a local – I found myself bumping into lots of people I know stage-side at Ziggy Marley or Earth Wind and Fire, and a thought came to me: Red must be getting approached by strangers calling him “Charlie” or telling him how he spelled their names wrong in an Aspen Times article. I’m thinking either the two of us need to get together and agree on some distinguishing cosmetic surgery, tattoos or hairstyles, or maybe we can figure out how this can work to our advantage.Contact Charlie with any ideas at cagar@aspentimes.com, or 925-3414.

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