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On the Run: The leaves have started changing

Joel Stonington

As a first timer for fall in Aspen, I feel like a little kid tugging at his mom’s pant leg, yelling at the top of my voice, “Look! The leaves are yellow.”Woke up early Tuesday to run to Aspen from Snowmass along the route of the golden leaf and was somewhat surprised to find that many of the leaves are already golden. I kept feeling like I was going to burst whenever I would look down at the path, just starting to get littered with yellow. No matter that I kept running and running, the leaves were yellow on Snowmass, just as they were at the top of Buttermilk. Fall has sprung. I guess it does this every year here. But as a first timer I feel like I have the perspective to say that it’s really, really wonderful. Drove up to Ashcroft today and realized that all the ravines have yellow avalanches coming down and ridgelines that are even, in places, turning red. People say it seems a little early for red. I don’t know. It’s pretty. So, yeah, just wanted to let everyone know, in case you hadn’t realized. It’s a good time to look up. It’s an especially good time to take a bike ride up to Ashcroft or take a run on a long trail. Leaves are turning. Yay.

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