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On the Run: Running against the clock

Three months. That’s all I have until my older brother’s wedding here in Aspen at the end of September. After nearly two weeks of vacation – during which I ate and drank whatever I felt like – it’s time to get back in shape. That, or give my best-man speech looking like a stuffed penguin.The problem is that it’s not so easy to get back into a routine in the weight room when the only thing you’ve been lifting lately is cold Bud Lites. The idea of a run doesn’t sound very appealing when the most physical activity you’ve done in the last two weeks is make the half-mile walk from your tent to the main stage at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee.I actually don’t think I gained that much weight while camping out with 80,000 other whackos on a 700-acre cow pasture for four days. (Considering I sweat continually each day from about 9 in the morning until midnight.) Still, there was the wedding the weekend before where I did my best Vince Vaughn impression. (Stuffed mouth: “What else you got? Bring back some more of those crabcakes.”)There was also that trip to Boston, which included enough bad food (cannolis, Dunkin’ Donuts, Fenway Franks) and beer (at the ballpark, at the free concert, at my sister’s house) to cut about three years off my life.Now it’s time to shape up. It’s time to cut out the junk, and get serious. No more beer. No more cheeseburgers for dinner. No more ice cream.Starting today, I swear off all of it. I’m a changed man.(Of course, a few beers at tonight’s softball game probably won’t hurt.)

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