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On the Run: Just digging a hole

Woke up at 6 because the three huskies I’m taking care of were howling. Got out of bed around 7 finally. Let them out into the yard and took the big, naughty husky, Tenakee for a long run up Sunnyside.We got back to the house where the other two were lounging in the yard. One of them was being a good doggie, walking around, lying on the ground, just chilling. The other one, Nahanni, had dug a big hole and was trying to stick her head as far down it as she could. It wasn’t even worth saying “no” because she looked so pleased with herself, entire head black with dirt. Tenakee immediately wanted to check out the hole, but I took him over to the pen and got him out of the way. He was too tired to resist, much. then I got the third one (sort of an old man) in the pen, too.I looked back at Nahanni, covered in dirt, she looked about as happy as I’d ever seen her, eyes glowing, excited.I grabbed her collar and started dragging her over toward the hose. She knew what was coming and didn’t like it.Then I stepped in a big pile of doggie doo.”Damn it,” I said, teeth clenched and bent over to examine my poop-covered running shoe. At which point Nahanni got away from me, went straight to the hole and stuck her head in it, tail wagging.I grabbed the hose, called her over and turned it on. Of course it drenched her immediately. Mainly I just wanted to be able to see her face but there was also a certain amount of joy in giving her some bitter medicine for the hole and the poo on the shoe. Of course, not being a dog owner I didn’t anticipate that she would not just stand there looking all scrawny and skinny with wet hair.A second later I was covered with dog-smelling water as she shook off right in front of me. “Damn,” I said. “Damn it.” Then I took her for a walk.

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