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On the Run: Grueling along

Joel Stonington

Started out running just after 7 a.m. from my house on Cemetery Lane. It was cold, but daylight savings has made the mornings a little brighter and by the time I had crossed the Marolt Open Space, crossed town and was running along the East Aspen trail, the sun was in my eyes. Already, I was tired. Lately, I’ve been running every day in anticipation of doing the Seattle Marathon just after Turkey Day. But there has been a certain apprehension. I just don’t know if I’ve been training enough. So I figured another long run would be good and set my sights on the winter gate. By the time I was running along the road where the trail ends, I wasn’t sure about keeping going. Then there’s that turn where the hill starts that goes up to the gate. I’ve biked it before. But somehow it was a little different this time around. I mean, I know how long the hill is, but it felt like it just kept going and going. There are about four false summits on that thing.When I touched the winter gate, I was ready to stop. And the doggie was licking the snow, very much in need of some hydration. I stretched out for a moment, then turned around and ran back home. It didn’t make for the most active day at work, which turned out to be 11 hours. But I hope it’ll make that 26 miles seem just a little shorter.

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