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On the run: A husky appetite

I woke up early Sunday to take a run with two huskies I attend to.Like everyone else in town, we discovered 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground. That made me want to stay in bed, and it made the huskies feel right at home.I put on my winter running gear and got going. Of course, the two doggies could hardly believe their good luck. They ran through the deepest drifts and dug their noses into the snow when we stopped. One of the dogs, a 7-year-old, got a little ahead of himself with eating snow. Every time we stopped for a second, he would gulp mouthfuls happily, wagging his tail.I did not notice that as the danger sign that it was and instead felt joy at the fact he was so gleeful. Even though it was a short run, I was a bit tired and ready for breakfast when we got back to the house. I decided to take the two doggies through the house to the yard quickly, because they were wet.Still, we spent a few minutes outside getting snow off the car (which said dog proceeded to eat while I cleaned). So we cooled down a bit after the run.The moment we stepped into the house, the 7-year-old proceeded to puke onto the floor. I was so surprised that I nearly puked onto the floor, too. We couldn’t have been in the house more than 10 seconds. Of course, I was a little mad, but what can you do?When I looked a little closer and eventually cleaned it up with a sponge that I threw away, I realized the puke consisted mostly of ice chunks. I told him he should take it easy eating snow, but I don’t think he was listening very carefully. He just loves snow too much.

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