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On the Road: Ah, the memories

Tim Dudley

Since the slopes closed Ive been trying all the rides in the Aspen area.But my favorite has become what I now like to call Le Route de Vomi.McClain flats to Woody Creek was a great first ride, with spectacular views, a good, short-but-steep climb and fields of dandelions more plentiful than stars in the night sky.Castle Creek Road to Ashcroft has equally great scenery, the accompanying rush of falling water and more good climbs.Maroon Creek Road to the Bells was vehicle-less (before the road opened), offered fantastic up-close studies of avalanche destruction, more climbs and even better views.Aspen to Woody Creek Canyon offers all the benefits of the McClain Flats ride but with the pastoral laid-backness of the Woody Creek valley and fewer vehicles.Independence Pass was also vehicle-free before the recent opening, and it served up one long-ass uphill that wasnt too steep and provided the best views yet.But Le Route de Vomi has views, uphills, creeks, flowers, few vehicles and fond memories. Like the time my girlfriend threw up her CamelBak contents on the side of Snowmass Creek Road (afterward called The Road of Vomit, in probably incorrect French cause it sounds prettier).We were close to where the pavement turns to dirt several miles up Snowmass Creek Road when she said she didnt want to go any farther. She hadnt been feeling well all morning and I could tell she was peeved that wed just been passed by a girl in obvious tri-training mode.We turned around, had gone a few hundred feet back down and she pulled to the side of the road. Had I known how bad she was feeling, I wouldnt have cheerily pointed out the pretty white flowers growing in the shade of an aspen grove. But she soon clued me in and sent me down the road while she took care of business.That unexpected part of the ride is why Snowmass Creek Road (and add Capitol Creek for good measure) is now my favorite, at least to think back on. Its not the most romantic reason, but at least I can rib her about it whenever we jump on two wheels.


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