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On the River: The trip that wasn’t

Apparently, I hit a few nerves last month when I ranted about a river trip that never happened.So as Paul Harvey says, “Now for the rest of the story.”My account on Oct. 18 about a September camping trip turned wrong sure put some pairs of underwear in a bundle. I didn’t know an “On the River” could be so controversial. But it was, and I got an earful from those involved, as well as from the general public. And because I always strive to be truthful and balanced in my reporting, I must agree with the criticism. One of my favorite bartenders said he thought it was a negative piece and I should have found the positive in what turned out to be a disappointing camping trip. My river-mate thought the same thing, especially because I threw her under the bus (not intentionally) and named her as one of the persons responsible for us sitting in a Suburban for two days instead of a raft on the Colorado River.It always seems worse in print.As I wrote before, a trip in late September was planned to be our last river excursion. I made my concerns about foul weather known, and my friend Alison did her best to quell those concerns through her constant watch of the radar. Her information indicated clear skies and warm temperatures.But unbeknownst to us, our other friend, Reece, knew that winds of up to 50 mph were expected the day of our put-in. And of course, those predictions came true, and we were denied access to our beloved Ruby Horsethief float.And while I complained exhaustively that we were stuck in the Suburban for the day and night, I failed to mention that we actually had a glorious time watching college football in a Moab bar and the next day, watching my beloved Minnesota Vikings at Boston’s Sports Bar in Grand Junction while drinking delicious mudslides and eating pizza.The trip didn’t really leave a bad taste in my mouth – just a stomachache from the three ice-cream liquor-laden cocktails combined with the pepperoni pizza.If there is blame to be found, it must fall on Mother Nature. But in all honesty, I had a good time and my apologies to those who took it personally and thought I didn’t.

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