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On the Move: From the mountains to the sea

Offseason in Aspen has its perks, and for many Aspenites that perk doesn’t involve Aspen at all. For many mountain-town residents, the allure of offseason is that it gives them the opportunity to travel.

I am no exception to this mindset and have been taking advantage of work being slower to do a bit of traveling this spring offseason. My most recent getaway was to Portland, Oregon, and it was my first adventure to the Pacific Northwest.

It was a mini vacation — I left on a Thursday afternoon and the returned to Aspen early Sunday evening — but it was jam-packed with everything I needed to feel refreshed and had one important thing that Aspen lacks and I had been missing: the ocean.

It has been about five long years since I’ve dug my toes in the sand and enjoyed the crashing of waves on the shore. For whatever reason, while everyone else makes the wise decision to spend their vacation time in a warm climate that often involves significant beach time, I choose to leave one mountain town for another or sometimes I go to a warmer location but stay far away from bodies of water.

So when my friend who lives in Portland said the Oregon coast was one of her favorite parts of living there, and that we would have time to make a day trip if I wanted to, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I’m originally from the East Coast, so I already knew the beach I was going to experience in Oregon would be nothing like those found on the opposite coast. But I didn’t expect the Oregon coast to be as stunning as it was.

The beaches were completely different with packed sand, large rocks in the middle of the ocean, lush greenery, huge trees and one even had a fresh water waterfall that ran into the Pacific Ocean. It was a whole new world that was blowing my mind.

We spent the day hopping from one coastal town to the next, enjoying a picnic on the beach and being entertained by my friend’s dog living her best beach life.

Overall my quick getaway to Portland was perfect — filled with outrageously good food and drinks, wonderful weather and much-needed friend time.

Even though I was only gone for a short time, when I returned to Aspen I was amazed at how quickly the trees had sprouted their leaves and how green and summer-like the scenery was.

I also was filled with a large amount of happiness to be back, which is perhaps why we travel in the first place: so that we can leave to have new adventures that let us reset and have a fresh appreciation for the place that we love to call home.

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