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On the Mountain: Skico’s app is addictive as is it curious

In case you're wondering, a top-to-bottom lap off the Meadows beginner lift has a 131-foot vertical drop, acccording to one run down the green trail.

Here’s the thing when you get a new phone: while you try to put aside the crazy cost (sometimes more than a laptop) you start to realize all the cool stuff you’ve been missing out on because you didn’t have enough space.

After more than four years of the same Android (which I loved mostly because it was paid off), I went back to the iPhone. Yes, Tim Cook, iAm back.

But besides adding my bank’s apps to see how quickly our paychecks are spent in real time, I also ventured into the world of Skico’s app, which was updated last season and has a lot of cool features.

Of course, in the excitement of Saturday’s opening day I forgot to turn on the mountain tracking (despite my tracking reminder push notification turned on), so already I’m behind. OK, shake it off.

The second day, I took to Snowmass’ Elk Meadows area to give our youngest son his first snowboard lesson (after his 10-plus years of skiing). If you’re wondering, the vertical drop from top-to-bottom off the Meadows lift is 131 feet. Better pack a snack.

Day 3 and I was determined to use it during a few late-afternoon lunch laps on Ajax and get this baby dialed in. My friend (and also our publisher) and I were ready to put the app to the test.

Soon after we loaded the Silver Queen Gondola, we turned on the tracking at about the same time.

We did three runs off Ajax Express and then a top-to-bottom and back to work. The two of us basically went line for line. My vertical feet total was 6,226; Sam registered 5,461.

Hmm. Curious.

OK, we’re gonna get this figured out.

For Tuesday’s powday, we were in line before 8:30 a.m. and determined to see what-the-what with this app. Sitting in the gondola, we did the “three, two, one and mark” to sync our tracking at the exact same time.

After five side-by-side laps off Express and then a top-to-bottom, my total was 8,747 feet; Sam came in at 9,419 feet. Well, she is about 3 inches taller than me.

I may be a journalist, but I still like math. Silver Queen has a 3,267-foot rise and Ajax Express goes up 1,102 feet, Skico says. I’ll let you do the math based on the equation put forth (cue Final Jeopardy theme music).

OK. What’d you come up with? Yeah, me too.

Curious, right?

The tracking challenges aside, the weather report, GPS locator and maps, skier days (which before this season I never wanted to know until the last day) and $15 dining credit for signing up are worth it.

I’m just four days into this app and I’m already addicted.

Curious, indeed.