On the mend: The miserable joy of returning to CrossFit after injury | AspenTimes.com

On the mend: The miserable joy of returning to CrossFit after injury

Athletes stretch out after a class at Aspen CrossFit.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

This will be the only time I ever say this, but I miss burpees and thrusters and all those other horrendous things we do in CrossFit. I miss the pain and suffering and basic regret of having shown up to a class that always morphs into the addictive satisfaction of finishing a workout.

On top of the powder days — as few as there have been — and bowl laps my concussion took from me this winter, it also took away countless hours I could have spent at Aspen CrossFit.

While I’m still not fully healed, I’ve slowly been making my return to the pain cave and all the little things I forgot about and am glad I’m getting back. Like Aspen CrossFit owner Erik Larson’s infallible ability to greet you as you walk in the door. Or Jessica Moore continuing to chide me for not seeing a doctor about my lingering wrist issues. Or the general beauty of people being united by an activity so miserable that we can’t stop talking about how awesome it was.

I love bumping into my CrossFit family in the “real world” and being asked what I thought of yesterday’s WOD and if I was going to class later that day. I love being so sore after a workout that taking a shower is more of a production than it should be.

Say what you will about CrossFit and its cult-like appearance, but it’s an amazing way to grow and heal, both physically and mentally. And after three months on the couch, I need a lot of both.

There was a time, pre-concussion, when the thought of doing a burpee or running a mile in the middle of a workout sounded terrible. Now, with a little perspective, it’s something I can’t wait to suffer through again.


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