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On the mend: Still dreaming of having a winter despite the injuries

Aspen Times sports editor Austin Colbert takes a selfie on Aspen Mountain earlier this month.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times |

Don’t worry, this won’t be another rant about my concussion. While I’m not fully recovered, I’m mostly there and I am certainly done talking about it.

Instead, I’ve moved onto my knee, because misery loves company, right?

While I hope it’s not true, the storm we had last week might have been the weather event of the winter. Stories of waist-deep powder filled the social media channels for days. I, on the other hand, had to watch from afar yet again.

I wish I could tell you I hurt my knee practicing my YOLO flip in the Buttermilk superpipe, but the reality is I twisted my body to shut my front door and apparently my knee didn’t want to come along for the ride.

The injury, whatever it is — the X rays were negative for anything serious — kept me off my snowboard this week. I went up the hill briefly on Wednesday, only to find out after one short lap that my knee wasn’t quite ready for that type of strain.

This leaves me — again — rewriting my goals for the winter. My first goal of reaching 100 days seems laughable at this point. I think I’m close to 30 right now. Considering my run of luck, my new goal might simply be getting to 31.

Still, I’m glad winter has finally arrived, even if I’m not fully able to partake. I love the snow and especially love powder like any true Aspenite would and it’s been a major drag missing as much of it as I have.

There have been a few moments where I was actually excited for summer, but let’s not get crazy. Considering how late winter’s arrival was, I hope it decides to linger well into the spring. We are pushing March and I’ve yet to have a real powder day and I haven’t done even one bowl lap. I guess that’s life as a broken down 30-year-old.

But I remain optimistic these last two months of the season will be great. Surely I’ll heal and Mother Nature will make up for dropping the ball early in the season.

Until then, I think I should wear some sort of “Bubble Boy” suit to keep the universe’s cruel jokes at bay for a bit.