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On the Lamb: Nice girls finish last

So I tried to do something nice last weekend, but in the end, it just cost me money.My friend Dan and I went to a late movie Friday night, and afterward, we decided to hit the Popcorn Wagon. As usual, the line was long (because there is no better late-night food than nice lamb-filled gyros), and we got to chatting with the people behind us, a couple of polite young men from Omaha, Neb.As we reached the front of the line, the guys behind us realized that the Wagon is a cash-only venue.So I lent one of the Omahaians 10 bucks so he wouldn’t have to go through the line again to get his lamb snack. He had an honest face. I trusted him to go to the ATM and bring me back a 10-spot.As Dan and I finished off our gyroses, I looked around and saw the guy polishing off his meal. But as fast as I could turn my head, he disappeared.Dan and I saw him again a few minutes later on the mall. As we approached him, he walked away (I would say in shame). His more honest friend did offer to return the $10 (thank you for that), but I don’t really want the money. Call me naive. Call me foolish. But I really want to believe in my fellow man.So I declined the offer from the friend and asked only that he regularly remind his buddy that he is a weasel. And as you go about your daily duties, if you run into a clean-cut, honest-looking fellow from Omaha, ask him, “Are you the weasel who would steal money given in good faith?”If he says yes, I ask you, please, mock him mercilessly.

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