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On the Bus: Powder-day bus ride

Karl Herchenroeder
On the Bus

Lately, I’ve been throwing back the blinds in the morning to see nothing but gravel driveway. When I woke up Wednesday, it was covered in white, a fresh 10 inches on the tops of my neighbors’ cars. Knowing mine was tucked away in the corner of the neighborhood, making room for the plow, I threw my gear on and ran down the slick roadway coming from Smuggler.

I took my first fall of the day, and the 8:29 a.m. bus didn’t do much better, sliding through a stop sign and into the middle of a three-way intersection. The bus was bursting with powder seekers, and with another handful packing in, a co-worker and I almost couldn’t get on.

“No mas,” the bus driver said.

A rider standing next to him looked at us and said, “Hold on.” He did a chin-up on the metal bars and threw himself onto the baggage rack.

“There,” he said, leaving just enough room.

On the way to Ajax, we passed crowds of people at every stop without slowing down. When someone pulled the cord for a stop at City Market, another person called out, “I don’t know if you know, but you’re probably not getting off until the gondola.”

“I’m getting off here,” a girl called out. “I haven’t even been home since last night.”

The walk of shame is tough, especially when you’re riding a powder-day bus.

We got off at City Market and passed a guy in a wheelchair on Durant Avenue.

“Cripple’s gonna get run over,” he said, with his wheels spinning in the snow and a car approaching. I gave him a tow and hopped in line for the gondola.

Two hours later, I got off the mountain for the walk to work. The gondola line was still backed up to the plaza.

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