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On the Hill: Wanted: three punks

ASPEN ” I hate snowboarders.

Why? Because they are punks.

I know I shouldn’t make such a generality, especially in print, but a few bad apples sure can spoil the whole bunch.

What other sports enthusiasts would be possessed to cause harm to another just for kicks?

I was the victim of their bad manners the other day while skinning up Tiehack. As I was painfully gaining altitude on new equipment and struggling all the while, three snowboarders came barreling toward me. I thought to myself that they will surely veer away. They didn’t. Instead, they came within feet of me and sprayed me head to toe in snow.

Fuming with anger, I watched them as they rode down cheering like they had just gained some sort of victory. I thought about ripping off my skins and catching up with them but I decided to wait for them at the top.

I watched for them from the ski patrol shack, with patrollers at the ready to confront the punks. They never showed. It’s a good thing because I would have vowed to make their pathetic little lives a living hell however I could.

The incident left me bitter and with a newfound disgust for young punks who wreak havoc on our mountains. Is it too much to ask for a little tranquility at 10,000 feet? I hope that they some day will get theirs. Chances are, that if they act that way on a daily basis, they will.


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