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On the hill: The power of two

ASPEN – Here’s to the power of two, and I’m not talking about some new Aspen Skiing Co. slogan.

The first of my “two”: being the second people in line at Lift 1A Wednesday morning. Yes, only one chair ascended the mountain before mine, and my friend got on at 8:49 a.m. It made me wonder why I ever stand in line at the gondola on a powder day.

The second of my “two”: being the second set of tracks straight down Ruthie’s to the bottom of 1A, trying to make mine turn for turn beside my friend (who, I admit, is a far superior skier to me). The snow was deep, soft and silky, something I haven’t had the pleasure of skiing since the middle of last season. All I can say is it made me giggle.

The third of my “two”: two more excellent laps from the top of Ruthie’s to the bottom of 1A. Sure, it got skied out a bit. And yes, it was socked in above the Ruthie’s lift. But powder was still flying, and I was still giggling.

The fourth of my “two”: After an amazing day on the slopes, I got to leave the office at 2 p.m. We in the newspaper business aren’t going to walk away from this life with a lot of money in the bank, but we’ll probably walk away with a lot of good memories, which brings me to my next, and second-to-last, “two.”

The fifth of my “two”: Watching my son and his two little buddies take lap after lap down Whoa Nelly! hill on their sleds – maneuvering these plastic contraptions down the snow and over jumps without a care in the world. Except hot chocolate with marshmallows afterward.

And the last of my “two”: killing two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. As a default photographer for the Times, I got to take photos of skiers in fresh powder. As a reporter for the Times, I got to tell you all about it in this column. Not bad for a day’s work.

Which makes me think I might want to add another “two” to my list: two more decades of living in the best ski town ever.


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