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On the Hill: The morning that got away

Katie Redding
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” About once a season, I miss by a mile, for one reason or another, a powder day I mean to ski. This one actually happened a few weeks ago, but frankly, I’ve been too embarrassed to write about it until now.

The day started like this: As soon as I put on my ski clothes, my dog started to whine. I sighed and whipped on my nordic skis for a quick canine tour. I wouldn’t have time for coffee, but at least I’d be in Aspen when the lifts opened.

Until I accidentally got on the bus headed for Glenwood Springs. I know this makes me sound like a complete moron, but it was an honest mistake, really. At the Carbondale Subway stop, all buses pull in to the same place, and with the Aspen bus running late because of the snow…

I pulled the cord as soon as we began careening down the highway in the wrong direction, and was promptly unloaded in The Middle of Nowhere. I called my husband, who was on the other line with an IT help line, but took a break to laugh hysterically at me. He promised to pick me up. As soon as he was off the help line.

Forty-five minutes later, I finally arrived … back at my apartment. By this time, I’d given up on the bus and decided to drive. I’d missed the start of the day, but I’d still have nearly a full day of skiing.

Except for the fact that I had no skis. You see, I’d left them at the (locked) Aspen Times office, and had forgotten my keys.

Long story short, I finally caught up with a photographer and retrieved my skis and poles ” only to remember that I had broken a pole earlier in the week.

So we’re going on noon, and I’m wandering around town looking for ski poles. Replay Sports is closed, and even though there is a ski store every few feet, there are no poles to be had for under $70, which is seven times what I paid for my last pair.

God bless the man at Incline Sports who finally lent me his poles so I could pull off at least a few hours of skiing. I didn’t even need to go into the saga of my day; he somehow got it. I asked if he wanted to hang on to my driver’s license or at least my phone number, but he declined.

“You look honest,” he said. Notice he didn’t say “smart.”


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