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On the Hill: The Dog days of autumn

They say it’s a man’s world out there, but when it comes to skiing, that’s not true. I’m a powderhound, and my people take me skiing sometimes – I’ve been out twice in the last week.I’m always ready, not like my people who spend a half an hour rummaging through closets, stuffing things in backpacks and carrying these long, flat planks from the house to the car. Then when we get to where we’re going, it’s the opposite routine: The long, flat planks come off the car, the backpacks come out and it’s another half-hour before all the objects get attached to the human bodies in the right places. I know when I hear that click (when the people put their big, hard, awkward boots in the long flat planks) that it’s time to go! That’s when I get really excited, rwoooo rwoooo rahooooooooo! I get so excited I pee in the snow the first chance I get. Then I roll around in it – the snow, not my pee.It’s funny, though, the planks don’t seem to help my people get up the hill very fast. Too bad for them, ‘cuz I manage to get in a few laps while they’re dragging themselves up with all that stuff attached to their bodies. My favorite thing to do is run down as fast as I can with my mouth open and my tongue hanging out, sticking my nose in the cold snow and sliding to a stop in front of my people, then turning around and running back up – wroo-uf! I know they’re jealous.I’ve had some good runs recently. The first time there was another dog there, to chase and who could chase me. This one really seemed to know what it was doing – it had webbed paws and could run even faster than me through the snow. I felt a little emasculated. Ruh, roh.Just the other day, the snow was pretty deep. I had to kind of swim through it – pretty tiring. I guess the humans do have an advantage when they finally turn around and go downhill. I can’t keep up with those planks even though they turn constantly and I go straight. I wonder why they do that, anyway.Well, I know soon enough my people will be taking their planks out without me. It happens every year. Hmrrrrrr, hope I get enough tracks this season.

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