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On the Hill: New guy in town

Kevin Burton

I haven’t made it “on the hill” yet, so I don’t know what to really call this column. See, I’ve been here a week, and I haven’t even seen snow yet (except on the ground). Yes, Toto, we ain’t in Kansas no more.I moved here from Kansas City exactly one week ago today to accept the position of night editor at The Aspen Times. And, needless to say, it’s been quite an experience. I think things are going well – I haven’t burned down the building and have yet to meet my first irate reader. Don’t worry, I know it’s coming.So I’ve made my way around town. Sure didn’t take long. I’ve seen and been just about everywhere inside the city limits, where I will be stuck until mid-December, when my girlfriend from KC arrives with our car. Who cares though, right? Parking stinks in town, from what I’ve heard. Spent most of the last week catching up on the issues in town: the sheriff’s race, the election in general and the skiing info. I’ve come to find there are about four questions everyone asks. So instead of repeating myself 5,900 times (for every local resident), here goes …• NO. I do not own a ski pass, nor do I own a pair of skis or a snowboard. I came from Kansas, people. I barely have a functional heavy coat. I do, however, plan on getting the required Aspen garb: a North Face jacket complete with iPod holder, Under Armour thermal wear and a Burton snowboard. I mean, with my last name, you’d think I could score some freebies in this town.• YES. I do have an in-town address, thanks to the generous people at the Times, who want me within arm’s length of the joint in case Hunter rises from the dead or something. I tell you, though, going the nine blocks downhill to work is a lot easier than going up on the way home. Especially for a cig smoker like me.• YES. I do have a job in town as well. Oh, and, yes, I have worked at a newspaper before. Several, in fact.• YES. I am a KC Chiefs and Royals fan. Nobody cares about the Boys in Blue here, but I bet I am REAL popular during Chiefs/Broncos games at Cooper Street.So there you have it. Now everyone can stop calling me “the new guy.” I don’t know how long you have to be here to be considered a local, but I am not going anywhere (especially without a car). So get used to it.

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