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On the hill: Big buys fire a guy up for ski season

Scott Condon
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO, Colorado

A couple of guys at the gym where I work out are already gung-ho about skiing. For me, the transition to winter has been a little slower, although a couple of big purchases in recent weeks have helped get the juices flowing.

I scored a great deal at Four Mountain Sports’ annual sale at Buttermilk a couple of weekends ago. We always seem to wait until the last possible moment to get my daughter’s student ski pass. And that last possible moment coincides with Four Mountain Sports’ sale at Buttermilk. Clever thinking by the folks at Skico to tie the events together. We always manage to drop a couple of hundred bucks at the sale.

I halfheartedly took a look at alpine ski boots. I was impressed by the attitude and knowledge of a salesman and had confidence in the manager, a guy who has worked in Aspen ski shops for as long as I can remember. I am a tightwad by nature and pondered my decision long and hard, wearing three different pairs of ski boots for 15 minutes each – and wearing thin my daughter’s patience.

Finally I decided on the Nordica Enforcer, last year’s model. It was a bargain that pleased the tightwad in me. They sold for $875 last season. I walked out with them for $375.

Nevertheless, it still feels like Skico has had a vacuum cleaner connected to my wallet. My daughter saw a couple of sweaters she needed at the sale, and we purchased her pass. I’ve had $123.63 taken out of my checks since September. The Times fronts us the money for our pass, then we pay it back over several installments.

I received my voucher for my two-day-per-week pass, formally known as the Double Flex, on Tuesday and stopped at the Buttermilk ticket office to pick it up. I’ll be damned if it didn’t fire me up for ski season.