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On the Hill: A fresh start

There’s nothing like the shift that takes place here between March and April. Just a few weeks ago hordes of Spring Breakers were schussing down our local slopes, packing restaurants and whooping it up in our watering holes. Now this place is a ghost town – and you couldn’t be happier. You always seem to have a hard time letting go of the snowboarding season, but this year wasn’t so bad. You didn’t even go riding Sunday – an anomaly from years past when you tried to get in as many turns as possible before Ski Patrol did its final sweep.Yeah, there was that hangover from a crazy Saturday night in Vail Village (note to self: Kid Rock concerts attract an absurd amount of fetching women), but more than that, you realized you’d had your fill. This past season certainly wasn’t the best you’ve experienced while living in the mountains, but it was good enough – and one more day at Snowmass or Ajax wasn’t going to change your opinion either way.Now that mud season is officially here, you find yourself in a state of limbo. The snowboard is tucked away in your storage locker, yet you haven’t pulled out the mountain bike. Haven’t gone on that first run, either, to see how out of shape you really are.For now, you’re just content to slow down a bit and enjoy the small town charm this place possesses when the only people around are locals. (At least the ones who aren’t away tanning on a beach or blasting singletrack in Moab.)For instance, your top priority Tuesday was getting a free cone at Ben & Jerry’s. On the way back to the office, you ran into a couple of friends – including one you hadn’t had time to catch up with during the busy winter months.Talk about a great day, and a great start to what you hope will be a few refreshing weeks before summer – and all its craziness – arrives in full.

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