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On the highway to hell

Dear Editor:

I hope the jerk with the old beige Ford truck with white trim reads this. I hope you know that the speed limit from Basalt to Aspen is 50-55! I was going about 65 when you came up behind me; I could have easily stepped on the gas to appease you, but I shouldn’t have to especially when I am pregnant and have a 4-year-old in the back and I am already breaking the speed limit!

Finally after you decide I am not going fast enough for you passed me, thank God, only to swerve right in front of me forcing me to slam on my breaks! Luckily for you there was no accident because if something would have happened to my unborn child and my 4-year-old I would have f—-ing killed you!

Please know that school starts at the end of this month and there will be lots of moms with their precious cargo in the highway and you need to watch out.

Karla Henrichon