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On the Fly: Darn picky trout

I didn’t get skunked.That’s the measure of a fine day on the river, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not about how many I land; that I land any is cause for joy, especially on my first outing of the season.I finally found a couple of midday hours to hit the Roaring Fork below town on Tuesday. I strolled down the Rio Grande Trail and cast a bead-head prince nymph into the first promising water I spied. It quickly produced a little rainbow. I would have to milk the resulting euphoria for the better part of two hours.I quickly set my sights on a much bigger rainbow that I could see taunting me from that same hole. The nymph wasn’t working. Neither was a copper John.I floated the copper past the nose of another little rainbow that I spotted in the next stretch down. Nothing doing. I could almost sense its disdain for my feeble effort.I tied on a buckskin and worked a few spots, to no avail.Back to the prince nymph. Finally, I hooked into a decent brown, which immediately dove into the current. I tried to move downstream and guide the trout to a suitable landing spot, but I failed to keep the line taut during my scramble around boulders and the fish was gone. Stupid barbless hooks. I managed to briefly hook one other brown on the prince nymph, but the rainbows were picky as ever. I’ve fished this stretch on summer days when the rainbows were smacking the surface with reckless abandon and come up empty. It can be a humbling place to fish.I tried a tiny red midge. Nada. I also tested a pattern I like to call little green thing with a bead, but that wasn’t happening either. Nor did a bead-head pheasant tail impress them.So, my report on what’s working on the Fork below town is: heck if I know. But at least I didn’t get skunked.

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