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On the fly: Best laid plans…

Janet Urquhart
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

ALMA, Colo. – “Sometimes, the best things don’t happen according to plan.”

This, or words to that affect, were uttered by my companion as we donned our fishing gear and prepared to dabble in a little stream that was most notable for what it was not – the Blue River.

She’d already been right once that morning, when she piped up “Let’s go to Alma!” as we sat at a trailhead outside of Breckenridge, watching the rain fall steadily on the windshield of the car while we mulled our options. Skies looked clearer to the south, and we’d never been to Alma, so we put off the hike until Sunday and hit the road.

On the way, we passed by some nice stretches of the Blue River, which I’ve never fished. I’m not sure why we didn’t stop, except Alma beckoned, I guess.

I didn’t know much about Alma, except I had a notion it was pretty small, and I was vaguely aware of its spat with Leadville about which municipality really is the highest town in the country. I can tell you now, there’s not a lot to Alma, but there are plenty of T-shirts to be had making note of how high the town and is residents are. There’s also a couple of fine watering holes, including one that was open by 10 a.m. and another that claims it’s the “highest saloon in the U.S.A.” That was good enough for me. We agreed a post-angling toast would be in order no matter what the day brought.

Anyway, we ended up heading out of town toward Fairplay, since it didn’t take long to explore the handful of shops that make up downtown Alma, and pulled off the highway on a whim to check out this stream that held, if anything, the promise of some eager brook trout. And, the sun was shining.

Five minutes into it I reeled in my first brown trout, much to my surprise. Soon, my companion did the same. We’re not talking lunkers here, but still.

It was a fine, unplanned day, topped off by the King of Beers at the South Park Saloon.


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