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On the Field: Rain, rain, come again another day

As a native Seattlite, rainy and gray days are absurdly refreshing and joyful. It’s not as if I get disappointed when I look outside and see a bluebird day. Rather, if I don’t get some gray every now and then, I start to miss it.Perhaps the best part of rain is getting out into it. Hiking in the rain is glorious. Going running in rain increases hardcorehood tenfold. Biking in the rain, especially muddy mountain biking verges on outdoorgasm. But playing soccer in the rain is the best.Soccer practice, or I should probably say fútbol practice, takes place on Wednesday evenings. The sun is low on the horizon and the clouds gather. Often, the rain skirts us and falls in the hills. On Wednesday, we had our first true practice during which we really got nailed by the rain. It was perfect. The clouds rolled overhead. We saw them rumbling in with flashes of lightning and peals of thunder. The sky was a hundred shades of blue with a thousand different colors of cloud. And with a few lightning strikes nearby, the rain really started to come down. It was plenty warm enough and the scrimmage was good, so everyone just kept playing right through the heart of the storm.Part of the way through the thundershower, a huge rainbow came out near us and everything else seemed just a little brighter. The ground was misty with moisture, and the lightning continued farther upvalley. I, for one, had a few moments in which I had an image of a jagged streak of lightning hitting the field and either one or all of us just dropping dead. But I couldn’t help but feel too damn good to believe that would happen. Plus, I figure that would be an excellent way to go, so what the hell, might as well play.

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