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On the field: Eye on the goal

Joel Stonington

El Sur, the greatest fútbol team in history, is my fútbol team. So far, we haven’t won a game. But I have a feeling that if our whole team showed up for our games then perhaps we would do a little better. One Sunday we had eight players (to their 11) and managed to hold a 1-1 tie in the first half. Sweet.I’ll leave out what happened in the second half.In all honesty, I could care less if we win or loose. OK, OK, it’s a little frustrating to always loose, but I think we’ll win one soon enough. What really gets to me, however, is the missed scoring opportunities. I replay those weekly chances over and over in my mind after I screw them up each week.Generally the pain lasts for a week, until the following week, when I crap it up all over again. I have three that have been sticking with me lately. The first was a shot from just outside the 18. I was coming in with the ball, had two defenders in front, so I took a touch and shot with the left. It wasn’t so bad, but the goalie made the save.The second missed opportunity was by far the worst. I managed to stay onside during a fast break and got out in front of all the defenders with the ball. I was running so fast and thinking so slow, however, that I didn’t really realize there weren’t any defenders within half a mile, so I rushed the shot. Had the goal been shaped like the Pitkin County Courthouse, I would have missed it. So I fell on the ground in agony. The third was ugly, too. With no goalie and only two defenders in front, I nutmegged the first defender and the one on the goal line cleared it. Arg. Here I am, typing this up and biting my nails thinking about it. I just can’t wait until the next game, when I’ll finally put one in.

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