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On the Diamond: Sushi on the sidelines

Coach Wags

“Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks …”Not even close. Thanks to local chef Randy Placeros of Aspen Culinary Solutions, the Hard Times were eatin’ good last night. And it almost got us a win – well, not really, but it did make us the darling of the Aspen Coed Rec. Softball League.With a cooler filled with yellowtail sashimi, jumbo shrimp and cold beers, the Hard Times were off to a good start. It was made even better by the fact 12 players – all from the Times except Randy (who now has a permanent place on the roster) – showed up a full 20 minutes before game time.Yes, it was a party before the team playing before us even finished. And it didn’t end until we stumbled out of McStorlie’s: “There wouldn’t be nightlife after Monday night softball if wasn’t for McStorlie’s,” the folks over there have been known to say. We agree.But enough about our off-the-field antics. On the diamond, the Hard Times were feeling almost as good we took on the McStorlie’s squad in hopes of our second win.It began with a fluke. After a 45-minute rain delay, with the bases loaded and a McStorlie’s slugger hammering the ball for a grand slam, in came Stella. The pooch with a purpose darted onto the field, making the ump call the inning with no runs scored (he had warned everyone to keep their dogs tied up; apparently he wasn’t kidding.).Our adrenaline was pumping, and with stellar plays by Steve “The Gazelle” Rippy and Heather “The Hoover” Hicks, we held ’em at bay. We were hitting the ball, too. We were in the lead.But – surprise, surprise – the sushi and suds got the best of us and we logged another loss, 8-4.Of course all was not lost, as we joined the McStorlie’s gang for a little post-mortem at the bar. Four of the Coed Rec teams were there, talking it up and chilling out, and that’s what it’s really all about.Want to cater our next game? E-mail the coach at swagner@aspentimes.com

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