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On the diamond: Running the table

You have to love rec league softball.The beers. The laughs. The grass stains. The chance to see your boss – or the intern – strike out after swinging so hard he almost came out of his shoes. Expectations, at least in our dugout, are nonexistent. (We all had a good time last week poking fun at the opposing team’s shortstop, who was decked out in baseball pants and a 3/4-sleeve shirt. I think he was even wearing stirrups.) Errors are not only overlooked but expected. And some us are lucky enough to leave work in the middle of a shift – since my three hits and stellar play at shortstop last week technically helped out the company, could I count that as being on the clock? Just a thought.It’s refreshing to be part of a carefree team that isn’t concerned solely with winning. It’s funny how one win changes everything.Now, we’ve gone from two wins last summer to thinking about running the table (at least I am). If anyone out there has scouting reports on the Messiah Lutheran Church or Avalanche Construction, fax them over. Maybe I’m taking this a little too seriously. While I was waiting for my laundry to dry Sunday, I pulled a bat out of my trunk and worked on my swing in the parking lot. My mom is searching the basement at home for one of my old gloves, just in case the well-worn strings on the one I’m using now rip. I should have her look for my cleats, too.I’ve been obsessively replaying my two fielding miscues from last week’s win against the Timbers Club. That bobble on an attempted double play? No excuse. Those are the types of things that keep a guy up at night.In order to improve my confidence and my game, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I’ve been doing research, watching as many Major League and college baseball games as is humanly possible. I even bought a cup (maybe I should’ve kept that to myself). I’ve even considered altering my diet to heighten my energy, cutting down on my intake of Pop Ices and chicken nuggets in favor of complex carbohydrates and proteins – that’s not going to happen.I’m not the only one making a concerted effort. Nate Peterson left on vacation Friday, but said he’s going to drive back from the Front Range and be in the lineup for tonight’s first pitch, scheduled for 6:45. It’s a good thing he’s coming; we need his presence in the middle of the order, and he’s the one who usually brings the cooler. And our team coach recently lobbied with the publisher for a new bat. After the popcorn machine, this could be the most important office purchase ever. The attitude around here is changing. Look out, Plum TV – we’re gunning for you.

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