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On the diamond: Loving, but still losing it

Aspen Times Staff

What a beginning …

The Aspen Times had its first game of the coed rec softball season against Avalanche Construction, the three-time (we think), reigning champs (we think). (You’d think, as a newspaper, we’d have the facts straight, but hey, we play ball during our off hours.)

After scraping together a team at the 11th hour (in other words, no practice or pepper for this crew), the team headed out to Rotary Field last night. Clouds rolled in hard and the scent of a storm was in the air. But ” drumroll, please ” the clouds parted, the sun broke through and a rainbow arched high over the valley.

Unfortunately, there was no pot of gold awaiting the Times’ team.

In fact, Avalanche Construction hammered away at the Times to a 14-4 finish.

Of course the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

According to veteran Times’ players, the team is looking more coordinated than years’ past (keep in mind years’ past weren’t very good at all), and nobody got hurt (we had lots of AVH visits last year). And, after all, we were ahead for at least the first inning.

Says coach Seth Wagner, “We were winning, then we were tied, then we were kind of losing and then, well, the beer really started flowing.”

So, after a post-game meeting at the J-Bar, the Times’ team is ready to rally.

Maybe a team name would help? We’re thinking “Hard Times,” “Good News Bears,” “Headliners” … you get the idea. Send your thoughts to swagner@aspentimes.com. We’ll give you credit in this column and a six-pack of your favorite beverage if we like it too.


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