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On the Diamond: Just swinging in the rain…

Coach Wags

There is a lot to talk about. But alas, no big news – in other words, we didn’t win.First, we had a surprise game last Thursday night against the talented Avalanche Construction. And though we gave it our best, the A.C. team was thirsty for a win and we were the team to take it out on. Or could it have been that the Hard Times crew was already looking forward to the weekend? I mean there was the Neil Diamond cover band “Super Diamond” at the Belly Up and the oh-so-amazing Ozomatli throwing down at the JAS benefit at Aspen Highlands to look forward to.So after a spectacular weekend, the Hard Times came out ready to play some ball last night – and a double-header to boot. Though prepared for a rainout, the Hard Times turned out in true fashion: understaffed and under the influence. Unfortunately, we had to forfeit the first game to Smart Works because we didn’t have enough players. (Smart Works did crush us 18-1 the first time we played ’em, so we were looking for a little payback.) Darn it! But this did give us some time for a little batting practice and beer drinking, both of which were desperately needed, before facing the superstar, first place Zane’s Tavern. Of course we were still short a couple of players, so we smoothly borrowed Ms. “Miraculous” Mur and The “Angel” Angela from their stacked squad.This allowed us to play a legitimate game. So with winds swirling and torrential rains drenching the field, Zane’s and the Times battled it out in what we consider a “moral victory.” Each player gave everything they had, with stunning plays by our jack-of-all trades third baseman John Keck Jr., and a web gem – and possibly play of the year – by quick-footed left-fielder Tim Mutrie, who dove face-first into the mud to steal a line drive from one of Zane’s USC All-American studettes.We cheered. We fought hard. We laughed. We let it all hang out…We might have lost, but it was sure fun just swinging in the rain.E-mail your inspirational stories and fun times to Coach Wags at swagner@aspentimes.com

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