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On the Diamond: It’s a W!!!

Coach Wags

I’m not sure how it happened, but it’s official: the Hard Times posted our first win over Messiah Lutheran Church yesterday. Now I know you are all thinking, “Hey, that’s not fair, you guys beating up on the Lutherans.” But trust me, it was a battle from the beginning. And thank God the Lord was on our side, because there were some Holy Rollers going past our infielders. But we rallied back on a Wing and a Prayer. Just seconds before ump “Senor Frog” declared a forfeit, Megan “Lightning” Wussow skipped in from the outfield and a heartbroken M.L.C. realized their chances of a first win would not come that easily. If you’re not caught up on Aspen’s Co-ed Recreation Softball League, both teams entered the night “O-and…” so we all knew only one team was leaving the field with a “W” notched in their belt.Of course we began the game as usual, with an entree of errors, a side order of passed balls and an inside-the-park-home-run as the cherry on top. The Lutherans were putting it to the Hard Times with a 5-1 lead heading into the third inning. “Is this really not our time Lord?” was my thought as I headed back onto the field.But our “No. 1 Fan,” all the way from Chicago (who happens to be a Lutheran Pastor herself), Shined the Light on the Hard Times and gave us the Strength to win. Plus, it’s not often you receive a hug, let alone two hugs, from the opposing team. But when I strutted to the plate I was greeted with a huge smile, a warming hug and this line: “I often flirt with opposing players to take them out of their game.” Taken aback and truly flattered, I responded, “Well, thank you, I relish the attention, but I have to let you know it only makes me play better.”We also had a stellar performances from the rest of the Hard Times crew. One baserunner was hit twice, once by a screaming baseknock by star Kayden Crawford, and another from that “flirty” catcher who accidentally (we know this ’cause she’s a Lutheran) bonked her on the head with a throw to first.Then there was the “Web Gem” play of the game from Tim Dudley in leftfield, who made a full-speed sliding catch to rob the Lutherans of a meaningful hit.Of course after the game we turned back to our evil ways, drinking beers at the J-Bar and gloating over our victory. God help us next week.

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